April 5, 2018

To Our Clients:

Changes have come to Whetstone Animal Hospital.  Carol and I have decided to retire, and the hospital has been acquired by Dr. Todd Price from Upper Sandusky.  Dr. Price currently also owns Lincoln Way Animal Hospital in Upper Sandusky and North Central Veterinary Services in Sycamore; he also employs 3 other veterinarians who will be rotating through Whetstone for the immediate future. 

I think this change should actually be looked at as a ‘merger’ – Whetstone is partnering with the other two hospitals, but no changes are coming to the location, the hours, or the services offered.  All of your pets’ records will be here as usual.  And Amy is staying, a very important fact since she is very familiar with most of the clients and their animals.  The only real change at this time is that Carol and I are stepping away.  The transition occurred on Tuesday, April 3rd, and I will no longer be seeing patients here.

This is a positive change for us – we’re not leaving the practice due to health issues or anything like that.   We’ve looked at many factors in our lives and have decided that this is the right time to move on.

Carol and I will miss our wonderful clients and their pets – some of you we’ve seen mainly for routine services, while there are others that we’ve been through long, complicated, and emotional cases with.  We appreciate the trust and support that we’ve received over the years, and we will have good memories of our time serving you at Whetstone Animal Hospital.

I approached Dr. Price initially because I thought the way they approached things at their other two hospitals would be a perfect fit with Whetstone.  The doctors are all very competent, professional, and personal, and I think you’ll like working with them.

I do apologize for what seems like a very quick transition, but many factors came into play that determined our course of action.  I really wasn’t entirely convinced it would all work out until the papers were actually signed (I might have a slight pessimistic streak).

We will be sending out a letter with this same information to all of our active clients within the next week or so; Dr. Price will also have an introductory letter enclosed.  Again, I have a great deal of confidence in this new group of doctors, and I think the transition will be fairly seamless.

In closing, let me say “thank you” for a great 26 years here – it was a heck of a ride.


                                                            Dr. Jeff Holter

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